Lee Jesting

Lee Jestings


Lee Jestings is one of the founders and President of S-RAM Dynamics, LLC. Responsible for the technology and commercial development of the S-RAM technology, Lee brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial, operating, and senior management experience to S-RAM Dynamics at both private and public companies. Lee has been involved in the energy business for over 25 years starting with one of the first major combined-cycle cogeneration power plants in the State of California. He was President of The Bentley Company, a large, multi-discipline engineering and management company and ultimately sold the company to Enron Corporation. After the sale, Lee was Senior Vice President of Enron Energy Services, responsible for all commercial and industrial projects in the western United States. Lee also owns Rubicon Ventures, a private equity company focused on investing in small, start-up companies.

Lee graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Engineering degree and received his Master of Business Administration from the Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley.

Robert (Bob) Sanderson

Robert (Bob) Sanderson

Director of Engineering and Inventor of the S-RAM

Bob Sanderson invented the S-RAM in his garage several years ago, and has produced over 15 S-RAM patents and designed several successful prototypes. He has built and tested S-RAM hydraulic motors and pumps, water pumps, and a 4-cylinder engine. Bob is an innovative engineer with in-depth experience in both design and management with new product development, production machine development, and design of computer-controlled automation equipment. Prior to the acquisition by S-RAM Dynamics, Bob was Vice President of Engineering for Sanderson Engine Development. Prior to starting Sanderson Engine, Bob worked for Graham Magnetics, RCA Computer Systems, Hewlett Packard, and IBM.

Bob received a Bachelor of Science in Machine Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Richard (Dick) Kruse

Richard (Dick) Kruse

Director of Engineering

Dick Kruse is responsible for advanced engineering of the S-RAM technology. Dick has been involved with the research and development of the S-RAM for several years and he has engineered several S-RAM improvements. Prior to his involvement with S-RAM, he was President of Richmond Engineering, a company that specialized in conceiving, building & developing machines to automate factory processes. Those machines involved the application of electric, air and hydraulic components. He did the logic programming as well as the physical wiring and assembly. He has extensive experience using Pro/E software for FEA and dynamic analysis of machines and heavy welded assemblies.

Richard received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.

David Sanderson

David Sanderson

Advisor and President, Sanderson Engine Company

David Sanderson was the President of Sanderson Engine Company responsible for establishing a new team to take the S-RAM technology from the early prototype stage to full commercialization. During his tenure, he recruited key new team members and selected a new investment and management team to commercialize the S-RAM. The new company is now called S-RAM Dynamics. David plays an important advisory role to help develop S-RAM Dynamics commercialize the S-RAM.

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