S-RAM Engine is more efficient, less costly, more durable and significantly smaller than crankshaft engines. The S-RAM can be configured as a Variable Compression Ratio engine or Double Ended to deliver extreme power density.

The S-RAM technology dramatically reduces engine friction while enabling a unique, axial form factor that eliminates the need for a crankshaft, thus the entire bottom works of an engine can be eliminated. The S-RAM engine works in an elegantly simple manner while providing an open cylinder architecture.....

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The S-RAM is MORE EFFICIENT than swash plate, bent axis and radial piston motors and pumps.

The extremely low frictional losses of the S-RAM pay off in high torque and overall efficiency in hydraulic devices as well as low heat generation, higher starting torque and virtually zero slip-stick. S-RAM motor and Imagepumps can be built double-ended and with variable stroke. One remarkable feature of the S-RAM motor is the outstanding performance at reduced displacements. This is unprecedented in the word of hydraulic motors.

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The S-RAM low friction drive mechanism can be mechanically modulated producing superior compressors and expanders

The displacement of the S-RAM can be mechanically varied while keeping a constant head clearance, not possible with other drive mechanisms. The unswept volume can remain low over a wide range of displacements significantly improving compressor/expander efficiency.

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